Representative Investigation Matters

Fortune 100, Publicly Traded

  • Top 10 largest US company analyzed investigations in progress and guided to completion
  • Global apparel retailer investigated complaint that outside counsel sexually harassed employee
  • Nationwide retailer investigated allegations that senior leader drugged and sexually assaulted employees

Fortune 500, Publicly Traded

  • Global transport provider – investigated race discrimination complaints asserted by collectively represented group of employees
  • National energy provider – investigated information suggesting senior executive had personal relationships with multiple employees during an overlapping time period
  • Global ingredients company  reviewed prior investigations and investigated anonymous complaint alleging cover up; investigated complaints against Human Resources leader regarding attire, flirtatiousness, personal relationships

Financial Services

  • Investment management – investigated various alleged compliance violations, including that compliance personnel accessed employee emails, which were unrelated to compliance duties
  • Global stock exchange – investigated allegations of gender discrimination in hiring, assignments, promotions, compensation, and culture
  • International investment advisory – investigated partner’s complaint that other partners disparaged him in attempt to push him out of firm
  • Institutional investment network – investigated leader’s complaint that he was marginalized, excluded, and subjected to inappropriate conduct due to sexual orientation
  • Global investment advisory – investigated alleged discrimination based on childcare responsibilities
  • Diversified REIT, publicly traded – investigated allegations that CEO violated compliance requirements and engaged in harassment and excessive alcohol consumption
  • REIT, publicly traded – investigated allegations of unprofessional behavior by head of Human Resources
  • Energy investment banking investigated allegations that senior executive engaged in lewd conduct
  • Bank holding company, publicly traded – investigated multiple anonymous complaints against executive, leading to concerns that group of co-workers were falsely named as authors of the complaints
  • Transfer agent – investigated complaint that executive sexually harassed another executive while intoxicated on business trip


  • IT and outsourcing, publicly traded – investigated leader’s complaint of retaliation for raising concerns about immigration law compliance
  • Biotech, pre-IPO – investigated allegations against CEO regarding unfair equity distribution, vulgar conduct, abusive management style
  • Fintech – investigated allegations of sexism, “bro culture,” retaliation
  • Cloud computing, publicly traded – investigated senior manager’s complaint of sexual harassment and retaliation


  • Fortune 500 global pharmaceuticals investigated complaints that General Counsel belittled, demeaned, and micromanaged employees
  • Biopharmaceuticals, publicly traded – investigated information suggesting that former top executive was simultaneously engaged in personal relationships with multiple employees
  • National pharmaceutical + biotechnology consulting investigated alleged undisclosed personal relationship between CEO and employee, including pressure by CEO to terminate pregnancy

Media and Entertainment

  • Media organization, not for profit – investigated allegations against well-known media personalities
  • Music identification service  investigated allegations that executive stole funds from employees, made inappropriate comments, and bullied employees to go out after work
  • Film and television organization – investigated allegations against senior leader relating to COVID accommodations, gender discrimination, favoritism, management style
  • Multinational video hosting service investigated anonymous complaint accusing director of misogyny, quid pro quo sexual harassment, and bragging about exploits with employees


  • Holding company, commercial and personal, publicly traded – audited prior investigations and determined ways to improve structure, process, fairness of investigations
  • Multistate property and casualty – investigated in-house counsel’s complaint of retaliation for filing EEOC charge
  • National brokerage – investigated allegations of race and sex discrimination and verbally aggressive behavior
  • Nationwide commercial and personal lines – investigated allegations of religious discrimination and retaliation

Global Luxury Retailers

  • Fashion, publicly traded – investigated allegations of bullying, harassment, and abusive management by expatriate CEO
  • Eyewear, publicly traded – investigated complaints by 5 employees that head of Human Resources engaged in favoritism, mismanagement, and inappropriate conduct
  • Fashion – investigated allegations regarding pay inequity and unfair commission practices
  • Interior dwelling products investigated allegations of rape by coworker following evening of alcohol consumption
  • Fashion – investigated country manager’s allegations of discrimination based on sexual orientation


  • Foreign, domestically partnered airline – investigated employee’s complaint of national origin discrimination and subsequent information that same employee failed to disclose personal relationship with manager and destroyed cell phone data
  • Foreign airline – investigated allegations by multiple employees that managers made inappropriate comments about pregnancy, age, gender

Health Care

  • Federally qualified health center – investigated allegations against several executives relating to nepotism, financial improprieties, forgery, vendor relationships
  • Health care provider, nonprofit – investigated concern that executive impersonated employee when providing negative feedback about organization
  • Multistate urgent care provider – investigated allegations by multiple employees regarding race and gender discrimination
  • Medical research foundation, nonprofit – investigated anonymous complaints that outside consultant exceeded scope of responsibilities, exerted undue influence on leadership, and made inappropriate comments

Other Industries

  • Professional Services – investigated complaints against executives, partners, heads of Human Resources, and others at architecture firms, law firms, consultancies, and the like regarding racism, sexism, sexual advances, bullying, and management style
  • Real Estate – audited prior investigation and guided in-house counsel for large developer in conducting follow up investigation; investigated alleged threat by employee of property manager to kill co-worker
  • Nationwide fitness operators – investigated allegations against executives of different, large fitness companies regarding issues such as pregnancy discrimination, sexism, racism, harassment, and bullying
  • Higher education – investigated allegations against academics at various institutions, including unwanted touching, flirtation, inappropriate comments, and retaliation
  • Hospitality – investigated allegations against managers and executives relating to sexual advances, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Not-for-Profit- Forbes Top 100 American Charities

  • Renowned art museum – investigated variety of allegations against different leaders, including concern that a curator double dipped on expense reimbursements by collecting from both the museum and third parties on multiple occasions
  • National network of religious based charities – investigated various allegations involving different agencies within the network, including disclosure of confidential information, improper billing practices, and inappropriate comments
  • Nationwide health care provider – investigated allegations that department director falsified and fabricated documents

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