Deborah A. Shapiro, LLC

Deborah’s practice is focused on conducting workplace investigations, advising management, training employees, resolving disputes as an arbitrator and mediator, and teaching.


Workplace Investigations

Deborah’s investigations cover a wide range of allegations, such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, compliance violations, disparagement, misappropriation, mismanagement, assault, and retaliation. She also investigates anonymous/hotline complaints and student complaints against employees of educational institutions. Many of her investigations involve allegations against C-suite executives, human resources professionals, legal department personnel, and other highly sensitive matters. As part of the investigative process, Deborah addresses issues relating to communications with participants, information gathering, fact finding, and reporting findings.


Advising and Training

Deborah has worked with employers in diverse industries, as well as in the not for profit, unionized, and public sectors. She is well-versed in the nuances of employment law, the practical aspects of applying the law to businesses of all sizes, and effective methods of training employees on issues relating to diversity, harassment, and workplace sensitivity.


Dispute Resolution

As an arbitrator and hearing officer, Deborah addresses a wide range of conflicts, including private and public sector employment matters, securities issues, and legal fee disputes. As a mediator, Deborah focuses on resolving employment disputes, such as discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour matters. She mediates at various stages of conflict, including disputes between current employees and pending litigation.


Lecturing and Teaching

The highlight of Deborah’s workweek typically is the time she spends teaching at Fordham University School of Law. She also speaks at industry conferences, on panels, and at educational institutions regarding workplace investigations, employment law, negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, and related topics.




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